Wish you A Very Happy Diwali

       Nations are affected. Countries destroyed. Sensex at year's lowest. Everything that I can think of is down there, at the base. Or, rather let me say things are either downwards or upwards at their extremes, none is moderate. I look at the pollution graph, it has far gone upward above the alarming state. I thank Sir Richard Branson for his idea of coming up with Elders. But coming back to reality, It is said, and always preferred that "precaution is always better then cure", yet many of us don't realize it, let me add another word to my last statement, yet many of us educated, don't realize it. 


         We claim to be qualified on basis of degrees issued by institutions. But let me ask you, would you like your grandson to suffer for the mistakes that you have committed? No institute gives you a degree in common sense. It is up to us to see what is wrong and what is right. Today is Diwali in India, one of the festival which is celebrated throughout the country with high spirits. After all, according to the Hindu mythology it will mark a beginning of a new year. And with New Year celebration comes bursting of crackers. Lakhs of rupees are spend on them which would light the city sky for couple of seconds, and the pollution generated due to this is absolutely unaccountable and free of cost! 


        Marine Drive, Mumbai city's prime location for residential is exactly opposite the day after Diwali nights. The path is covered with burnt fire crackers everywhere. The pollution in the sky makes it difficult to see the buildings clearly which on any given day are sharply visible.


Do we need any degrees from institution to stop all this? I wonder, when will the laid back government of this country wake up to the natures call? As far as you and I are concern, it is up to us to see how we can change our habits. But, yet educated masses can choose to ignore this and say wish you a very happy Diwali.




Theoker said…
Hey i like d end....smart ending!!!
MD said…
thanks, I like it too.
You know this time around I noticed the decrease in decibel and smoke. but i also felt the dip in sheer joy we felt as we kept staring in awe.

The crackers are not in diwali. not burnt in smoke. Not in the deafening decibel. They are set deep in our culture, used as symbols of happiness and joy. They are in advertising, mythology, art, movies, posters, stories, home decor...

Uprooting them would require years, then it wouldn't be precautionary.

When we fall sick, doctor asks us to stop certain things and start certain things and on top of all of that - take the medicines.

So we gotta stop burning them, but we gotta first find something that will replace the void they will leave.

Wat say?
MD said…
I feel the winds from the west are moving faster year by year. Every time I breath, I inhale a fresh culture. Every time I exhale, I leave out old traditions.

If I had to think about this symbol of happiness, then tell me will this symbol be the same when our environment would be lagging for fresh air. This is no symbol for joy.

We all know that one day we will die. So is it, that we will find a substitute to death. With this technology changing faster then ever, you may never know.

But, what I am trying to say is, pollution is a major problem. Not only in India, but throughout the whole globe. We are at the stage when the problem is massive and it has reached its alarming stage. This is the time when we need big guys with huge deep pockets. Every person on this earth will have to become a visionary individual. If he can not see the future. He will not act.