I am..

I have spent my night sleeping at the railway station. I’ve eaten cold noodles. I have walked 19 km in darkness. I have been a rebel. I don’t vote. I work for a wi-fi cafeteria. I own a cheapest model in laptops. I often go sailing with friends. I write a diary. I have never managed to go far on it. I always failed. I always keep trying. I don’t know how to give speeches like Obama. I don’t listen to anybody. I hear my clients. I am good at photoshop. I love going on long drives. I pay attention to details. I have a close knot of my friends. Hundreds of acquaintance. maybe now in thousands. I don’t believe in Him. His name. His appearance. His cast. I’ve learned to believe three letter word called GOD. I fear nobody. But I fear Him. I love coffee. I love pasta. I love anything which is editable. I blog. I write when I am in mood. I am attracted to females. I love their company when they are of my age. I love helium balloons. I prefer live theater over cinema. My bread is photography. And I butter my clients. In my 16 years of education I’ve change 11 schools. Why? My parents loved travelling. My camera is my third eye. I don’t know swimming. I don’t ride a bike nor drive a car. I am a bit of weirdo, this is what people call me. I’d say Different! I have not seen the movie Sholay. I hate being emotional. I have good collection of porn. Borrowed! My temper has cost me 4 friends. I love attitude. I hate arrogance. I have a tummy. It s becoming big. I am trying my best. I love music. I hate when people rule over me. I am a traveler. I am film maker. I am a cook. I am son. I am a brother. I am writer. I am weirdo. I am not perfect. Maybe. I am trying. I am me.


Theoker said…
Hey that made for a nice reading. Guess youare truly, madly, deeply in love............wid urslef. lol.......a fun read.
MD said…
thanks...this represents every part of me...every word..every sentence. every full stop.