What’s an asset; who’s a liability?

Every girl thinks she owns assets. An asset, which no one in this world could steal from her. It will be with her, walk with her, and will die with her. It is her body, her aura, her style, it is herself. Whenever she is passes by, people around her talk about her assets. I wonder what really they are really talking about. Is it her style or is it her sex appeal or may be her voluptuous body which she owns. Men are attracted towards women always. And the truth is, it’s also vice versa.

Every time it’s the guy who talks about her owning several assets. But every time it’s the same guy who portrays and makes her feel miserable by calling her a liability. Several place around the globe, girls are considered to be a liability because their family thinks a female child brings debts and sorrow to the family. She will be married off and forced to leave the house at an early age. She style has her own style, her own appeal, but yet she is termed as a liability.

The truth is, whenever she is able to satisfy the male lust hunger she is a beauty queen owning several assets and as soon has those few seconds have passed by she is forced to leave her aura and bag down to her tag of liability. History has proved that women were treated equal during the era of real kamasutra, then why is that the contemporary balance sheet refuses to tally.

Humans are said t be the most intelligent species created on this earth, then why is that they have still not understood the basic of these accounting standards and principles. It is not a rocket science study that we need to be taught that men and women are equal on this balance sheet of Earth. Our previous balance sheet of history has always shown profits when they was right strike of both the sides. But our contemporary books of accounts have gone for toss. They need to be reviewed so that we have an answer to our grand children’s, an answer to this world and most of all an answer so that we can look at our self in the mirror.

It is not regarding who own an asset and who is termed as a liability. It is all about understanding the basic fundamental principles that we men and women need to treat each other equally. It is then; we will have profits on our balance sheet.


and what are these profits you talk about?
MD said…
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MD said…
These profits could be anything. People call them success, victory, accomplishments, or whatever you can term it as.