Mumbai Weekend Shoot & Dhobi Ghat Photography Exhibition - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
1. The idea of the photograph should depict a story about Mumbai/ its people/ its life/ everything that your imagination can think about Mumbai.
2. Only 3 best click images allowed per photographer. All the three pictures should be in same email. Name the images with your name, surname, and picture number. E.g. “Mulchand Dedhia -1”
3. The images has to be resized to 5X7 inches before sending, and should be ready to print if selected in a JEPEG format.
4. Please insure that you send in a high-resolution file of 300 dpi, which will ensure quality of your print.
5. Pictures with watermarks on the image will be disqualified.
6. If your picture is selected for the exhibition, you will have to bear the cost of printing of the picture. The cost should be approx Rs.15 for a 5X7 size image.
7. Send your photographs to along with your brief explanation (50 words) and your phone number.
8. For any other query call Mulchand Dedhia on 9833 6833 79