Message from Femina... they require photographs

Message from Femina..... thnx Dinesh Khanna, Fahad Moti Khan

Hi guys,

I have recieved the following mail from Amrita Das at Femina regarding a Photo feature they want to carry in the magazine's annual issue. Would you like to forward this to members of your Photography groups to see if they may be interested in submitting their images?
What is not mentioned in her mail, but I clarified with her is that they will pay Rs.3,000 per selected image.

Amrita Das
17 hours ago
Amrita Das

Dear Dinesh,
Hope you are keeping well.

I work for Femina and currently, we are working on our Anniversary issue. The theme on this year's issue is 'Versus'...more upon the dualities of life.
We are hoping you could contribute a few images to us for the same. The theme is aptly depicted by your photograph of the old cobbler shot in front of a fashionable shoe store, from your collection Double Take.
Also, if you can please post/message DP members with the message below:
"Femina is working on the BIG anniversary issue. This year the focus for our photo feature is on the dualities of life, in other words, how parallels can co-exist either fighting each other or peacefully making space for each other. Visually speaking images that showcase dualities, double meanings, co-existence of today's extreme realities. Here are some examples which we see around us. We are looking for clever takes on today's scenario.

An STD telephone booth selling mobiles
or a cobbler in front of a fancy shoe shop
or high tea party being hosted in a tea estate with women plucking tea leaves
or a women shopping in a mall dressed in western outfit wearing chuda (red and white bangles, worn by women for a period of time)
or a thin woman and a plus sized woman in a gym together
or a street picture with high rises and middle class homes together
or a traditional event where one person is dressed in western outfit
or two generations doing the same things, differently or the same way
or Bollywood/fashion poster or hoarding set against a contrast of simpler people may be dressed in a traditional attire
or a combination of two images, when put together make a comment on the times we live in, one showing one side and the other showing opposite of the same.
You can send in as many images as you think would suit the theme.
We would appreciate if you could send in your images to . We expect the entries by August 17, 2011

Thanks and looking forward to your participation.