International Magazine Requires Photographers To Shoot Mumbai Beach

Hello Mulchand,

Thank you for sharing this information with your network.

Job Details: We are looking for pictures of all the beaches that are in and around the city of Mumbai. We expect the photographer to have at least a minimum variety of five different beaches that are accessible from the Mumbai city at an average affordable rate form the perspective of a budget traveler.

All the pictures will have to maintain the standard format of 10 mega pixel and above. Monochromes are NOT to be photographed. The images of final set will have to be sent to us with out any sharpening and photo editing. We will like to do it in at our end.

Another important factor is since our magazine is one of the best in the country we will like to retain the rights of the publishing these pictures for our network. These pictures will have to be taken in the month of November and December only. Pictures captured before will not be taken into consideration. The remuneration for the photoshoot will be $50.

We are looking for a local photographer who will know the right places and will not be expensive.

For more information you can ask them to write me a mail on my email id

Tentative month of printing/issue will be in the month of March or April.