Need a Photographer for children function

Hey guys,

Anisha is looking for a photographer/ student photographer/ freshers to capture memories of babies. There will be around 15 kids all a year old and she just want a photographer for approximately an hour and a half to take pictures of them playing and having a good time!

Props like soft toys, bubbles, balloons etc. will be available as well.

Date :Saturday the 19 of november at 5 pm

Budget: Its not a professional shoot hence she can afford to pay Rs.2,500/-

Venue: walkeshwar

Contact no: 9821465202 (sms if preferred first)


Reference: Mulchand Dedhia


Vidhi Bhuta said…
Hey its not my profession but I am passionate about it. So am I allowed?
MD said…
I suggest you get in touch with Anisha directly. She will be the best person to judge you.
Vidhi Bhuta said…
Sure. Thank you so much.
sj.sdp said…
how i wish i could do this one assigment!!! :(. even if the day ws today i wld hv tkn it up. but parents r coming in for a short vaccation tomorrow! .lol

and if there is a next time i will def wanna tk up such an assingment! :)