Photography trip to Kutch

Hey Guys,

A few days back I had posted about my intentions of going to kutch and few of you had replied with an intention of joining me. I am going to write down details of my trip which might make it easier for you to understand what you can expect from this.

Firstly, the meeting point or the starting point of the trip will be in Bhuj on 16th December at 09:59:59 AM on the Bhuj Railway station at the ticket window.

Rest of the itinerary is unplanned and I have kept it open to feedback/ suggestions.

I plan to leave back for Mumbai on Sunday- 18th December in the evening. (not yet decided how)

The mornings and nights can be real cold and afternoon can be hot like hell.

Please be prepared for the extrems since this is an unplanned trip. I don't promise to stick together during the trip since my agenda is purely rugged photography throughout the trip and you come with a sight seeing agenda.

I do not take any responsibility for any of the fellow travelers/ photographers of their life or their equipment's.

I am not sure what the budget of the trip will be since I have not planned anything. I am personally prepared to shell out any where between 5-15k for the trip.

If you still think you would like to join me then shoot me an email.

ONLY 6 PARTICIPANTS ( no place in the car for the 7th)

email me on with the subject line: Kutch Trip

God Bless