Final Call For The NatGeo Traveler

Final Call For The NatGeo Traveler

Message from David Miller Senior Editor

This is the final call for entries to the Next Great Storyteller contest co-sponsored by National Geographic Traveler and Matador. Entries must be received before March 31st.

To enter, please visit our Storytellers' page-

What is the contest "about"?

The Next Great Storyteller is a way for National Geographic Traveler and Matador to discover new talent while bringing important work from writers, photographers, and filmmakers in front of a large audience. The tight word counts (300 for blog, 700 for article) for written stories, and short length (5-photo / 3-min ) requirements for photo-essay and video, make this contest all about the storyteller's ability to move, entertain, inspire, and surprise readers in a short amount of time.

What kind of story can I enter?

Contestants may enter in four categories:

Blog (300 words or less)
Magazine Article (700 words or less)
Video (No more than 3 minutes)
Photo Essay (5 photos or less on a single subject)
What's in it for me?

In addition to having your work viewed by National Geographic Traveler and Matador's Editorial Teams, First Prize Winners from each category will be invited to a "Storytellers' Day" at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, DC. Airfare from any location in the US and one night in a hotel will be provided for each winner.

For complete details, and to enter, please visit the Storytellers' page -

Good luck!

David Miller
Senior Editor,