e-photography magazine

First of all let me begin this post by informing you that this is purely a social venture and does not involve any monetary gains in any forms. Hence, if you wish to associate yourself with this project please bear in mind that you will be volunteering for the same. The only big benefit you as an individual will achieve will be partnering to create something that never existed and will help the photo community around the country. I hope you will achieve your point of Nirvana which will bring a smile on your face before you sleep because for all you know it will become a part of history.

IDEA: To launch India’s first photography magazine on digital format which will be ‘freely’ available across the globe.

The Team: We are calling all the people who can contribute for magazine in any form and in any capacity.  Majorly it will include in the team of content generation/ ideation/ designing & layout/ legal consultation

If anyone of you are interested in a joining any team from the above-mentioned teams then please do specify in your mail.

Content generation team will be responsible to identify the right photography works across the globe. They will get in touch with various photographers for interviews, critiques, discussions, etc. This team will take charge of bringing the best in the photography industry in terms of editorial, business, art, elements, genres, including all the non conventional topics which are not covered or read anywhere before. Another important responsibility for this team will be to provide a platform for new photographers on the block.

Ideation team will take a holistic view on the entire project right from scratch to the finish product. This team will closely work with all the other team monitoring the entire teams progress. This team will give the shape to the over-all project. Someone for the core team will be ideal to take charge of it.
Designing & layout team will have the important responsibility of giving an visual to the content prepared by the content generation team. They will work on the over all format of the magazine which would include setting the right font with the right image along with balancing the right number of words in a article with picture size.  This will be the tech team that will generate all the answers for its related questions.

Legal consultation will be required to form the right framework for the magazine that will clearly spell out the cause, purpose and agenda of the magazine. It will be responsible for framing the right barter contracts with individuals who will contribute to this magazine with respect to their talents, interviews with famous photographers, critics, etc.

No, we are not looking at sponsorship at this stage since this is just an social experimental idea and I truly feel it is not right to experiment with anybody’s money when we are not sure of how we can add value to them. In marketing terms sponsors would want to know the circulation, readership, reach of the magazine along with many more details that we simply do not have at this point of time.

Once the magazine is ready I personally would keep a small opening party for the all the team members who have contributed to this project. I know this is a very minuscule remuneration but however this is the maximum that I can share with all of you.

This is for the photographers by the photographers.

If you are interested to join us on this journey then mail us back with your CV along with stating your profile and why do you want to join us.