Project Crayons Requires a Photographer

Project Crayons is a not for profit organisation working to empower marginalised communities through HER (Health, Education and Child Rights) since 2001.

Presently they are designing different communication materials for networking, awareness and fundraising, so they need good photographs. It would be nice if anyone of you can shoot their project sites and beneficiaries. Saturday works best for them but one of their projects i.e. Udaan Ghar (shelter home for 64 girls from difficult families) is also open on Sunday.

It would be nice if anyone can shoot this weekend i.e. 14th and 15th April 2012. For more information please visit and like us on

I visited Mumbai Weekend Shoot's facebook page and really liked it and also loved the idea behind it. We are organizing various workshops for our girls this summer, so would like to organise photography workshop for them. Please contact me if anyone of you would like to teach children photography.

Below are a few references to capture the right mood and vibe for the materials::

~ bright and cheerful close up faces

~ children doing some activity
( may b a kid holding a slate.. reading a book...
holding a toy.... a boy eating a ladoo/ sweet...
you could shoot kids with various props
the photographic illustration would give you an idea ) / Teacher teaching and interacting with kids/ children in group.

~ we require pictures of youth .. under the EYE ( we run projects in Airport ) / close up, mid close up and long shots etc, youth doing activities, learning in the computer centre.

~ front and side profile pictures of Udaan Ghar (the house) and School On Wheels ( the bus)

Get in touch with poulomi via her email or call her on +91 7738601111