Photo competition

Dear Mulchand we are sending you the details about the competition: The 'FRAMES OF INDIA-6'  Theme: 'CHILD' Winner : Rs 10,000 CASH PRIZE from 'Kalanirvana International art center'. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entry FREE. Exhibition Fee: RS 6000 ( If get selected only) All members selected will get free membership to WAG-INDIA. THE membership fee is Rs 7,000. But the selected photographers will get it free. All National selected photographers will get publicity in the Magazine ' EMERZING STARTS' which give a lot of opportunity to work with leading ad agency,publishing houses,magazines and fashion agencies. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last day for submission: 20th July 2012. Please send BEST FIVE pictures of the subject to : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selected photographers will have national photography exhibition. BEST 5 photographers will be selected for International Exhibition in a foreign country ANNUALLY.  KALANIRVANA PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION - 'FRAMES OF INDIA-6' TERMS AND CONDITION DEADLINE: Closing deadline for submissions is the 20th July 2012. ENTRY is FREE.  Exhibition FEE : Rs 6000 ( If get selected :for exhibition:(framing+printing cost+media)  Entrants do not have to be residents of India. An eligible entrant must be an individual and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. PHOTO SUBMISSIONS Each entrant can submit up to five photographs per category per month. The photograph must be sent to with the title 'Frames of India-6'. Any photograph submitted must be the entrant's own work. The photo must be either a digital photograph or a high-quality scan. THEME of the competition is India and its essence. SUBJECT: ’ CHILD ” . AGE GROUPS • Adults (18 years old and up) • The Young Crew (17 years old and under) - Entrants must have the permission of a parent or guardian THEME: There is only one Theme: CHILD  Photographs must be photographed with the help of camera only and not digitally manipulated at all. Digitally manipulated photographs will be automatically disqualified. Very important: Do not include your name in the picture (i.e. in the frame or in the picture itself) or in the caption or title for the image. These images will not be eligible for the voting! CONSENT & COPYRIGHT The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright. By entering your photograph into the competition, you grant to KALANIRVANA the non-commercial non-exclusive right to use your images for promotion of the 'Frames of India' online photo competition and for promotion of the FRAMES OF INDIA-2012-13 project in any media. Should KALANIRVANA want to use awarded images for commercial publications, this will only be done with prior written consent by the photographer and for a reproduction fee. The photographer will be credited whenever possible. Entrants must not infringe on the privacy rights, copyright or other rights of any person. DIGITAL CRITERIA • Posted Photos must be a minimum 1024 px longest side at 72 dpi • Posted Photos must be saved in RGB/sRGB colour gamut/mode • Posted Photos must be saved as JPEG, no less than compression 10 (medium) • Files for submit must be no larger than 10 MB • Original files (camera jpeg (not interpolated) or camera RAW if available) of winning photographs need to be sent to KALANIRVANA for entrance into the Grand Finale FRAMES OF INDIA selection and for the annual Exhibition. You will be notified accordingly. DIGITAL RESTRICTIONS – “FRAMES OF INDIA-2012-13” Category Digital adjustments are only acceptable if limited to minor cleaning work (de-dusting), levels, curves, colour, saturation and contrast work. The faithful representation of what you saw at the time of the shot being taken must be maintained. Cropping is NOT allowed. Sandwich shots, double exposures and photographs which consist in any way of more than one separate photograph are not eligible in this category (e.g. HDR). Please be fair ! KALANIRVANA can ask for the original files in case of doubt concerning manipulation. JUDGING Photographs are pre-selected by a panel of 3 KALANIRVANA nominated judges. Later these photographs will then be subject to second round of selection with monthly winner being the entrant whose photograph obtained the most votes for the annual Grand exhibition. FINAL JUDGING If your photograph reaches the final stage of judging (all monthly winners) for the Grand Finale, you will be asked to supply the original photograph in high resolution or slide format for the exhibition . WINNERS AND RUNNERS-UP will be notified by email and displayed on the competition page. Each monthly winner will be eligible to exhibit his/her works by KALANIRVANA and goes into the draw for the GRAND FINALE photo competition in May 2013. (dates may change if unwanted situation comes) IMPORTANT NOTE: Where necessary relevant permits to comply with national or international legislation (e.g. in the case of protected species) must accompany photographs. For example, it is illegal to photograph some govt.buildings, animals, and birds. OUR RIGHTS : KALANIRVANA reserves the right to exclude entrants and withhold selection for violating any of these terms and conditions. KALANIRVANA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. INDEMNITY : KALANIRVANA is not responsible for failure of receipt, loss or damage of any photographs entered in the exhibition. The judge's decision is final and can't be challenged. KALANIRVANA'S OBJECTIVES: •Encourage Innovation and new ideas •Encourage social causes and issues •Encourage involvement of photographers with interaction with media and public •Support emerging photographers and established photographers who want to give something new and make a mark with their innovative ideas, concepts, style, presentation and provide a platform to showcase the passion and talent. SELECTION CRITERIA: THE PHOTOGRAPHERS •Are innovative in approach, concept, style and presentation. Conceptually refined and clearly communicate their idea •Are conceptually strong •Are reflecting •Pursue new ideas, exhibit innovation and excellence KALANIRVANA: •Curate the exhibition, unless otherwise arranged •Plan and cater the opening night •Promote the exhibition •Provide the exhibitor with invitations •Provide the exhibitor with website space •Help the exhibitor to highlight in the leading magazines and news papers. •Provide the exhibitor with online add with 'world art critics' and 'world art buyers' •Provide galleries data base invite via mail and email •Provide the exhibitor with catalog Kalanirvana Contact: +91 9866152641  Mail id