Photo Corner presents 'Namaste India'

Photo Corner is encouraging all the photographers to participate in a group photography exhibition, themed 'Namaste India'.

Share unique work that represents this magnificent welcoming country at its best which can be a satire or it can be pleasing reality waiting to be seen. The viewpoint remains individually of the photographer on how one sees it through his viewfinder. 

We are looking for photographers who have a mastered the photographic medium, demonstrate vitality and originality in expression, excellenc
e in composition, and have verve in imagination.

Terms & Conditions

-Theme: Namaste India

-This is open to all photographers around the world, age 18 and older.

-Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. 

-Images may be acquired digitally, or scanned from traditional film to create a digital file. Digitally manipulated images are welcome, but must be photographically based.

-The images must be submitted as electronic files only via provided email in conjunction with a ‘Signed’ entry form along with all the release for the exhibition. 

-All images must be original and may not incorporate elements projected by anyone else.
Photographs including nudity, profanity, commercial or political interests are strictly prohibited.

-Every photographer will be required to sign a release form for the exhibition and sales form to sell your prints at the venue. 

-Images may be submitted only by the photographer who created them.

-Each photography print of the photographer will be sold at Rs. 4,500. 

-The sales amount of the picture will be divided between the 

-Venue, the Organizer and the Photographer where 60 percent will given to the photographer, 30 percent will go the Venue and 10 percent to the organizer. (60:30:10).

-The exhibition entry fee includes printing, mounting and framing of the images, basic media promotions (news paper listing), and other expenses incurred during putting up the show.


Exhibition Entry fee: Rs. 2,400 per picture.

Selection Date: 1st - 10th September 2012.

Exhibition Venue: The Bagel Shop, Bandra

Dimension: 12 x 18 inches

Resolution: 300 dpi

Mode: Grayscale or RGB

Tonal resolution: 8 bits per pixel

File format: JPEG

Along with the photograph the photographer will also have to send details about the picture in the following format.
Title of work
Name of artist
100 words or less about the picture

About the venue: The Bagel Shop is a premium coffee shop come an award-winning restaurant for its specialty bagels. It has always been a hub for creative people that is rightly situated in the heart of Bandra. It attracts expats, artist, regular celebrities, housewives and corporate. 

Photographers who are interested in participating for the exhibition should quickly get in touch with Mulchand on 9833 6833 79 or mail him on