Performance Report | One Vue in 2012

Firstly, let me begin this post by wishing every one a Badawala Happy New Year! Now that we have entered into a another exciting year I thought it would be nice to share the blog's performance with all of you.

What's there in the name ONE VUE?

A lot of people have asked me about what my idea on naming the blog one vie. To be honest, there was absolutely no thought process or big jargons which were discussed with my team before the name was finalized. I just had a simple idea which was sharing my view and in totality would just be 'one view' among many others. However, the name wasn't available so I decided to spell the term 'view' in french which was 'vue' and thus One Vue was born.

About the BLOG

In terms of traffic till date there have been 213 post which were published . As of today, one view has reached 184,000 page views.  The average view per article stands at 863 views.  

Currently One Vue is read by population from India, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, Nepal, Canada, South Korea and Singapore. 

In 2013, I hope the share more of industry news, photographers requirement, call of competitions and various other photography related events from various parts of the world. 

I am always looking at improving one vue and your feedback will be really appreciated. Tell me what would you like to read, events that you want me to share or whatever you want to say. 

Above all: You can always ask me which camera to buy as a beginner :) 

Happy Clicking

Mulchand Dedhia
Founder | One Vue