Behance Portfolio Reviews and Exhibition for Photographers

Q. What is Behance Portfolio Review?
A. Behance Portfolio Review is a social initiative where we connect the young upcoming photographers to the professionals so that they can get their portfolio reviewed by them for free.

Q. Is this also a competition with Prizes to be won?
A. We have four medals to give to the best picture and other top 20 photographs will receive 3 months of free subscription from Behance to make their professional website. 

Q. I need info about the exhibition
A. Exhibition is open all. You can send us your framed photograph.  Per participant is eligible to send up to five frames. Photography artwork should be of the constant size that is 12X18 inches + 2 inches of white border while framing it.

Photography artwork without mounting and framing will NOT be accepted for the exhibition

Q. What is the procedure to participate in a Portfolio Review?
A. You will be required to send an email with sample of your work (low resolution) without watermarks that will help us decided further on your selection to be reviewed. A sample size should include not less than 7 and not more than 12 pictures. Once you have been shortlisted for a portfolio review you will be given a schedule and time to come for the review with your mentor.

You will also be required to get your best work printed and framed for the exhibition, which would make you eligible to participate in the contest to win a medal from Behance Network.  

Your framed pictures should reach us within five days after we have sent you an official mail of selection.

Q. I need info about The Open Library
A. It is Mumbai's first open and free library for photographers handpicked by Mulchand Dedhia from his personal collection in order to inspire the new breed of photographers. The open library stocks over 200+ photography books, international magazines and journals which are free to read and browse. 

Q. What are the fees to participate in the exhibition?
A. The exhibition is free and open to all. There is NO entry fee for exhibition. The art will be printed and framed by the participant himself or herself. Once the exhibition is over they will be given back the participant. 

Q. What is the deadline to send in my artwork?
A. The deadline to send your artwork is 5th May 2013 (EMAIL).
The deadline to send your frames is 10th May 2013. 

Q. When is the exhibition and portfolio review?
A. 18th & 19th May 2013

Q. What about the rest who attend to see the exhibition?
A. For all those who attend the exhibition we will run a lucky draw for them where there will stand a chance to win pro solution offers from Behance Network.

Q. Where is the Exhibition and Portfolio Reviews held?
A. They will be held had Gallery Arttitude, Santacruz. 

Q. I need info that is not mentioned here
A. Email Mulchand on or call him on 9833683379