Lenses Simplified - A workshop by Tamron India in association with MWS

Q- Who is the workshop aimed at?
A- Whether you are an amateur or a serious hobby photographer or a budding professional, this workshop has something to offer for everybody.  

Q- Who will lead the workshop?
A-  Adarsh Anand - He is a very senior Advertising Photographer based in India. He has successfully run a photographic Studio in Cologne, Germany. Eesh Dewan - He is a third-generation photographer in his Family. He has been associated with many photography industry companies as a technical advisor.

Q- What are the learning objectives
A- Following topics will be covered in the workshop

-Understanding Lenses 
-Tips and Tricks
-Type and Mechanism 
-Which Lens to Buy
-Tamron Technology
-MTF Curves
-Front & Back focus
+lot more

Q- What date is the workshops running on?
A- The workshop is scheduled on 27th April, Saturday 2013, 10am to 5pm. (Save the date).

Q- What camera and equipment do I need to bring?
A- Yes, there will be lenses on display which may be tried on their camera bodies

Q- How much does it cost to take part in a workshop?
A- The workshop is free ONLY for MWS members. 

Q- How do I book a place for the workshop?
A- Please email your details to mulchand.dedhia@gmail.com in the following below format

Full Name 
Cellphone No
Email Id