Photographers Submit Your Proposal for Cross Cultural Exchange

Photo Source: Studio X

Studio X Mumbai and The Goethe Institut invite an open call for ‘Cross Cultural Collaborative projects’ to be presented at a workshop that will take place on Sunday April 28th 2013 at Studio X Mumbai.

The focus of the proposals should be on cross-cultural collaborations and local-global perspectives of creative production. The proposals can consider a multitude of artistic production methodologies such as photography, film, writing, art, architecture and so on.

The proposals chosen will be presented to a group of visiting as well as Mumbai based artists, architects, photographers, graphic designers and filmmakers. The goal being to develop and support exciting opportunities for these collaborations to catalyze and if possible provide support and guidance in production and execution. The mentors are open to discuss project proposals that might be relevant to international cooperation and funding on an individual basis.

The workshop discussants:

Mario Pfeifer - Artist (Berlin)
Markus Weisbeck - Graphic Designer / Surface (Frankfurt am Main)
Martin Seelinger - Architect - Cornelsen+Seelinger Architects (Darmstadt)
Christine Störmer - Architect (Teaching Assistant, Technical University, Darmstadt)
Anatoli Skatchkov - Filmmaker (Frankfurt am Main)
Ragunath V - Architect, Photographer & Filmmaker (Frankfurt am Main/Mumbai)
Suprio Bhattacharjee - one of the authors in the book, architect (Mumbai)
Anand Tharaney - author and production supervisor of the book, Designer & Filmmaker (Mumbai)
Kurnal Rawat - Graphic Designer / Grandmother India (Mumbai)
Kaiwan Mehta – Cultural Historian, Writer & Editor- DOMUS
Rajeev Thakker- Studio X mumbai

Proposal submission:
250 word text on idea and thoughts pertaining to developing idea in relation to the cross cultural exchange or network. 

Once proposals are reviewed, entries will be selected and a limited number chosen to make a 15 minute presentation to discussants on April 28th.
Preliminary Submission due date: April 21st 2013 @ 6pm
email proposals to:

This workshop is free and open to the public!!!