URGENT | Wedding Photographer Required

Shikha has an urgent requirement for a wedding photographer who can cover a 'Roka' event tomorrow. Shoot will last for 2 hours and the venue is J W Marriot. Her  budget is 10-15K. She found a photographer


Puneet Ganatra said…
contact Sparsh Photography..
Mumbai : Puneet Ganatra 8976563706
Nirav Barbhaya : 90 76 675351
komal agarwal said…
hi shikha... u can contact me on 9821006545 to give me the further details of what time does the person have to reach there by.
LK clicks said…
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LK clicks said…
name- lakshay arora
fb photography page - LK arts
exprience 1 year in wedding and pree swedding shoots
contact 9561147096
email- lakshay32@gmail.com

lakshay arora