Why I love Cafe Woodside Inn at Colaba

It had been little over a month that I had last visited Cafe Woodside Inn which is located right at the start of Colaba causeway main road facing the iconic Regal Cinema. I have personally seen the attrition rate of this cafe is one of the lowest among the other city restaurants. The managers have been the same, the captains have stayed serving their customers at their best and even better, their quality of food and service remains unchanged achieving highest standard of happy customers.

Its 12.30 pm and I am sitting on my table which has remained unchanged for the last 5 years, opening my laptop I see the smiling face of the captain who un-turns the glass to fill in water. Finishing it he says, 'Sir, Ashafaq, one of our captain who had been with us has moved on the Saudi Arabia from this month for work'. It was his dream to visit Makka - Madina which is considered to be a holy place for Muslims around the world and this job in Saudi Arabia will make his trip easier than from India.

What made my day today was, 'Ashafaq, had a left a small thank you and good bye note for me with his other team mate to be given to me when I am come next to the cafe'. It is this amazing unsaid bond between a captain and his customer which makes one go to Cafe Woodside Inn every time.