Fashion Photographer Required | Freshers Only

Pooja from Styling Avenue is searching for a photographer who can photograph the participants of a styling workshop. 

The idea is to be able to give them a glimpse of 'before' and 'after'. 

Since the styling workshop is all about makeup, hairstyling and personal styling by Kareena Kapoor's stylist, every participant will have to be clicked before and at the end of the workshop. 

This workshop is planned for Sunday 1st Dec at Jean Claude Biguine salon and spa at Bandra west. 5pm-8pm.

Pooja's team will be uploading all the pics on Facebook, Instagram, twitter accounts of Styling Avenue and Jean Claude Biguine salon and spa,

Pooja can offer a barter where she can give the photographer credits for the work at the workshop venue and also post the event in her post-event press release and social media updates. 

Also, since the photos will be shared electronically with the participants, every pic uploaded can have photographers credits and for participants who prefer hardcopies of their photos (almost all will want their before-after photos), She will have them connect with the photographer who can charge them directly.

Connect with Pooja via mail on