Call For Entries | Behance Portfolio Reviews & Exhibition

Q. What is Behance Portfolio Review?
A. Behance Portfolio Review is an event to present and get feedback on your work, hear from a remarkable range of guest speaker and socialize with members of your local creative community. Portfolio Review was born of a simple wish: to bring our thriving online community into offline spaces, where creatives can sit side by side, sharing their work and developing their craft. This event will provide invaluable exposure for creatives, as well as the chance to learn new tricks of the trade from their peers and our experienced guest speaker. 

The event is divided into two parts (Exhibition & Portfolio Reviews)


Q. I need info about the Portfolio Reviews?
A. Portfolio Review is a section where a budding photographer or a graphic artist gets their work reviewed by a well known artist in their industries. 

Q. How do I submit my portfolio for a review and exhibition
A. If you are a Photographer, you should have a minimum of 15-20 photographs for reviewing your work with the artist. 
If you are a Graphic Designer, you should have a minimum of 10-15 designs for reviewing your work with the artist. Send your entries to with subject line - Behance Portfolio Review. No Watermarks.

Photography Genre: Street Photography, Documentary Photography, Portraits and People. 

Graphic Design Category:  Identity Design, Graphics, Communication Design, Applied Arts, Interaction Design, Print Design, UI (User Interface). 

Photography Mentor will be Sailesh Anarade (bio being updated). 

Graphic Design Mentor Saurabh Karandiar (Click on the name for his bio). 


Q. I need info about the exhibition to send my entries?
A. Exhibition is open and free for all the Photographers and Graphic Designer. 

If you are a photographer send us 15 images from your street and documentary photography work and we will selected the best ones to be printed for the exhibition.  

If you are a Graphic Designer send us 10-15 of your designs and we will selected the best ones to be printed for the exhibition.  

You will NOT bare any cost for the printing and exhibiting.

Send your entries to with subject line - Behance Exhibition.
No Watermarks.

IMPORTANT: Please send high resolution images only. 

Q. Is this also a competition with Prizes to be won?
A. We have Behance medals to be given out to the best picture and graphic design folio. 
Other top 8 photographs will receive 12 months of free subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Q. What is the deadline to send in my artwork?
A. The deadline to send your artwork is 7th May 2014 (EMAIL).

Q. When is the exhibition and portfolio review?
A. 11th May 2014, at a gallery in Mumbai. 

Q. I need info that is not mentioned here
A. Email Mulchand on or call him on 9833683379