Photographer Required

Nature of the event
On the 26th the event will be more conference like in the morning mixed with a party at night. The 27th will be site visits to Dharavi - Reality Tours, Dharavi - Barefoot Slums, Amrit Jyioti in Thane, Lower Parel -Sampurn Earth, TechShiksa - Powai,

26th The Barking Deer in Lower Parel 
27th different locations around the Mumbai  

26th one photographer will come at 10am till 11pm and the second can come at 5:30pm - 11pm 
9:30am - 1pm on the 27th

Fees to the photographer- we do not have any equipment, if they do not have their own that will be a cost. Transportation will be paid for as will food and beverage. They do not have a huge budget for photographers. (Up- coming and student photographers are welcomed).

This is for a not for profit organisation, however, the photographer will be exposed to a whole network of startups, entrepreneurs and they can display their brand at the event.  

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