Webinar Alert | Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Source: Adobe

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite(DPS) is the leading digital publishing platform that has been adopted by the vast majority of publishers looking to turn their print editions into highly interactive experiences available through leading newsstands and devices. But did you know that you can use DPS to create so much more than magazines? If the thought of investing in an interactive digital publishing platform seems daunting, don't miss this one-hour webinar where you'll learn how to maximum your return on investment through the huge variety of apps that you can author with this tool.

You'll learn the basics of DPS and then get a solid overview, including real-life examples, of apps being created with DPS today that go beyond the digital magazines you are already familiar with. From interactive advertising, to inserts, brochures, internal communication tools, event apps, presentations, and more, you'll see how to extend what you can deliver to reach more readers, cut down on printing costs and deliver more timely and relevant experiences to your employees and customers.

Date: 23rd  April 2014
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 Noon
Venue: Online