Documentary Photographer Required in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore

Meghna is looking at commissioning professional or amateur photographers with a knack for documentary-style storytelling.

Goal is to generate simple stories of people doing good deeds in everyday life, for our client’s brand campaign.

Cities: Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore

Some specifics:
1. It should not be staged - even the simplest of things like giving water and shelter to travelers is fine.
2. Every photo or set of photos that constitute a story should be ideally accompanied with a 100 - 300 words on the person.
    Could also be in the form of an interview if possible.
3. Wherever possible, the photographers should obtain permission of the protagonist for the release of the story on the digital media
4. We would also encourage them to record videos of the stories
5. Every credit will be given to them on all photos and videos as watermarks

These stories will be published on our client’s website and social media pages – primarily Facebook, Twitter.

We’d require the relevant photographers to share a timeline and commercials proposal for an assumed 15 stories that can be published across 2-3 weeks.