Basic Photography Workshop Zsuzsa Bakonyi

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams

Photography can be your companion and teacher for life, but you need to get to know each other and make friends first, just like in any relationship. If you know how your camera, lenses, the light and the subjects work, you will be in control of taking the picture and can develop a much more conscious way of photography.


The basic photography workshop aims to cover topics such as 'getting off the 'auto' mode' and learning how to better understand the way your camera works in order to reduce the amount of disappointing images and non-productive results. Participants will be taking control of creative aspects such as depth-of-field and motion blur. Participants will finish the course being able to look at a photograph and really critique it and understand why it works, why it doesn’t.

Workshop is designed for:
For beginners or those having many doubts about basic settings or just want to improve. DSRL, bridge cameras or compact cameras needed for the course.

With this workshop you will learn in 2 days everything you need for a solid foundation regarding your camera, technical and creative settings, picture composition and developing a photographer’s eye. We focus on the most important technical and compositional terms and explain them to participants the easy way, so that they can really understand and remember it forever

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Topics which will be covered:
• Comprehension of light and exposure
• Getting to know your camera (build up, settings, modes, etc.)
• Comprehension of Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, Flash, White Balance
• Dare to use Manual mode, just like a pro!
• Learn to use depth of field, light and shadow
• Tips and tricks on composition and framing
• How to develop your own style in photography
• Visual literacy

Highlights of the workshop:
• You will get a solid foundation about the technique and aesthetics of photography
• You will be able to use manual mode
• You will receive well designed hand-out materials which you can take home
• You will learn tricks and tips from a PRO
• You will put learnt things in practice on the group photo walk and the group evaluation of the photos
• All this in a good mood and inspiring milieu

To Register Call Mulchand on +9833683379

Zsuzsa Bakonyi is a visual artist, photographer, performer and teacher born in Budapest, Hungary. She was one of the project ideator of ‘Home Away - Hungarians in New York’ for which she won a grant for a group fieldwork in New York City to research Hungarians. The project was exhibited in the Robert Capa Centre in Budapest, Hungary.

Monumentol’aquila is project done with co-author Lavinia Tribiani which has been exhibited in several Italian cities, Hungary (at the Hungarian House of Photography) and Slovakia. She has been the collaborating artist in Budapest of the London based nomadic project MOVE W I T H (OUT) where she combined photography with a public live art intervention.

She has published a handmade artist book and in 2016 will publish her long-term project on a homeless couple. She is usually involved in the leadership of cultural happenings, she was leader in the Studio of Young Photographers, the most important art photography organization in Hungary, and currently she is responsible for the art and conviviality programs for the 5th DE growth Conference which be held in Budapest in September 2016.

She has hold workshops, and photo tours in several countries. She believes photography, if used the right way, has the capacity to empower and connect us and make this world a better place. She is a passionate teacher always focusing on connecting with her students and inspiring them.

Find her work at:
Fine art work:
Photography work:
We think this will be a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Bring with you:
• pen
• notebook
• your camera
• Good moods :)

To Register Call Mulchand on +9833683379