How Ethical Are We

The Steve McCurry Debate was hosted by Photo Konnect comprisingof renowned panellists like Sudharak Olwe, Fawzan Husain,Shailesh Andrade and K Madhavan Pillai was an interesting symposium over the controversy hovering around Steve McCurry. The varied idiosyncrasies plucking the same string of photojournalism blended together like a colourful photograph, with a brilliant audience to enhance the discussion.

The debate began by questioning the core right of an eminent photographer to present work with prominent manipulation. Beginning with K madhavan, the executive editor of better photography stated about the sceptical entitlement of Steve McCurry as a photojournalist and also explained the origin of manipulation infecting the community of photographers. Sudharak Olwe, a prestigious photographer, also the current photo editor of Lokmat embarked by saying that this act of delusion questions the sole integrity of a photojournalist and the authenticity of his work. Also, playing with the ethicality of this genre of photography harms the sanctity of its own. He explained about his intolerance towards unnecessary tampering of pictures.

Fawzan Husain, a creative photojournalist, further condemned it by stating the dissociation of Steve McCurry and photojournalism. The unhealthy symbiotic relationship between the photographers and the editors making them prey to innumerable manipulations imposed on by the editors. Also, a personal encounter with Steve, made his views a little biased. Discussing about hard-core journalism, K Madhavan discussed about the pictures published in famous newspapers, magazines which cater to the fancy of the media rather than the photographical aspect and suspects that Steve McCurry fell for the same bait. Shailesh Andrade who has been working with a international new agency debated about the spurious nature of the work portrayed and asserted that the beauty of the profession remains in its indigenous nature and originality. Questioning the need for enhancements, he added that minor adjustments were acceptable but slicing out the important elements deconstructed the honesty of the picture and the photographer too.

As the debate came to an end, there were several conclusions sprouting in regards to the ethicality and aesthetics of photojournalism. As Steve McCurry preached as an idol for photographers around the world, its remains a debate questioning his high standards and stature as a photojournalist. 

Source: Photo Konnect Bureau