Why should you visit Dharvi

       Photo credits: Mulchand Dedhia

Lying amidst the skyscrapers, Dharavi remains the city within a city driven by the industrious spirit of an million people surviving through thick and thin. Nurturing people from all backgrounds, dharavi is a home of employment for the gazillion people making their way to the city.

A cacophony of sounds comes from the various industries set in the tiny shanties, be it the pottery warehouse, the colourful garment factories, the tanneries or the recycling units, the wheel of labour never ceases. Even the condescending corporates look up to dharavi to draw inspiration as it continues to churn billions through its small scale industries.

The most fascinating element of Dharavi is the people residing in this dense network of metal thatched home and flourishing dreams. The living conditions have shown gradual improvement in the past years.

Dharavi is filled with colourful artwork perched on its walls by various NGos fighting to keep the cultural, social, spiritual beauty of this miniature township alive. Due to its strategic location as the hottest real estate in town, it has been a prey to various redevelopment schemes. It is a reminiscent of an extraordinary success story, the battle of existence and a remarkable economic dynasty.