The Art of Food Photography

By the term itself, we can guess that it is a field in photography which deals with Food representation in the best possible way. All we need is Food and a good quality camera to click, which will last a long impression on the larger crowd. The reason many people are into the field today, is because of the growing demand as well as an increased presence of youngsters on social media. 
One can promote their blog by showing their interest in the field through food photography. Commercially, food photography is used by advertisers to represent high quality and authentic pictures for magazines, blogs, newspapers, Social media or any upcoming events. People give their open attention as the art of food photography captures the heart of people.
In today's era, it is also being viewed as an important communicative-media by restaurant owners. People who are active bloggers and traveller's spend some time in certain restaurants of the city so they can share their experience to a large audience later. This helps the owners to win more customers and therefore increase their revenue.
When it comes to food photography, we need to consider certain factors  like, Food styling, Natural Light, Ambiance, Food structure, Camera Quality, Color contrast and lastly editing. All these factors are thought and worked out by professionals who work on it on a daily basis. One can start with normal phones as an amateur photographer and become improve their professional niche with patience and practice. 

We like to eat and love to try more and different food items if we had a chance to. People in this field get to travel more and eat more. If they are popular enough, they get paid by the advertisers too. 
Photo Konnect has organised a food photography workshop which is hosted at Taj Mahal Tea House on 25th March 2017, Saturday. More details can be fond here.