Things to consider before shooting food

Here is a small check list that you need to have

It's a task to figure out a correct position before the click and its tougher to hold still for a long time. The result? We either get blurred pictures or pictures with no good alignments. Its suggestible to carry a lighter tripod which will make our task easier and more efficient. Whether we want the vertical or horizontal view of our food, it works great with any form.
2. Zoom in Or Zoom Out
Its's impossible to get a close picture if one is carrying highly efficient camera's like 1D or 5D. All we need to do is fix our camera at some distance and zoom in to an extent from where we get our required frame. With normal lenses one can try a close up as they are for minimalistic purposes.
3.Pot and Plate 
Very rare restaurants keep ethnic dishes and pots to serve their customers. But here, we need to keep the viewers attention on just the food and not its container. A simple and contrasting plate will do the magic. 
The ambiance plays an important role here. It depends on the photographer if he wants the background or not. It plays a vital role when the picture is used commercially by advertisers to promote the restaurant
Natural light is the best light to style a particular dish. If we use other lights, it shall make the food look overly bright and greasy. And with food blogging, all we are required to do is make food appear as natural and as tasty as possible. 
It takes hours to click the perfect frame. Food on one hand might lose its texture, colour, freshness and its consistency. In this circumstance, professionals carry an MSG compound which they spray on the food. However, the food cannot be had once the compound is sprayed. On the other hand, Lemon Juice can also be peeled on it, so to keep it fresh for a maximum of two hours.
Props include Glass, Spoon, Folk, Plate, Dining Cloth, etc. They are all arranged and organized around the plate with the actual dish. This is done to make the color contrast of food and props match and make the food look more beautiful.
8.Quantity and Texture
Quantity must be limited. One do not wants to make it look more full and take away the curiosity of the viewer. Less is more, this is the principle photographers use here. 

Photo Konnect has organised a food photography workshop which is hosted at Taj Mahal Tea House on 25th March 2017, Saturday. More details can be found here.